7 Tips for Leading a Life

7 Tips for Leading a Life:

By: Zuhri Syaripudin
In life there is always an pleasing or not in accordance with what is desired, it is necessary tips we offer in order to live and life is still lived with ebaik-DAPT should be, as it were. And indeed this life is not what we seringkalu Maua happened, is happening and often unforeseen, unexpected, unpredictable with weak human brain.

For that there are some things that must be done, and always, every man’s opinion raised by a relative, there is no truth mutlaq, except the verses contained in firmat allah swt in the Qur’an and in the words of the noble rosulNya, Prophet Muhammad SAW. But as a human being no prohibition to make certain our tips to live this life, among the following:
First, the power of God was everywhere and range kekauasaanNya up everywhere, there is nothing that can limit power. This is an incredible kekutana when dpegang by high confidence, because those who hold this prinsif, no longer fear him. Because wherever she went, there was relief Allah wherever they are.
Help of Allah SWT, came suddenly to those who fear Him Him, without dimintapun sometimes help was dating casually, especially if help is requested in prayer, and no prayers were not answered by Him, only a matter of time, and it was right Allah SWT that is not biased diganggugat.
So by holding the belief that the power of Allah SWT exist everywhere, so wherever we go, He will protect us. Protection often even without being asked, suddenly there and of course through his creatures. Help from another person is essentially aid it sends to people, because without his consent, no person can give help to the others, because he moves it all.
Second, people are always worried means less trust in Allah Almighty Being able to solve all the matters. With this second prinsif will look, what man who truly believe in Him, because if teksepnuhnya belief in a person, then that will arise is a doubt for karaguan, arising yindak horns are always boats to do something, not full kayakinannya He is the Supreme Being able to solve all the problems in the universe.
One worry is people who do not believe his actions at every step, in the behavior and actions exist obtaining the words “what yeah okay yeah?” So always hesitate in acting, always unsure of what he had done, eventually all the work be not always successful, because of doubt in it. And if you have a high keykinan Him, nothing is separated from his observations, all diurusnya creatures, from the smallest to the [protective big, from nature to nature macrocosmos microcosmos.
Third, Allah will not disappoint the faithful servants. With this prinsif believers will never be afraid of anyone and never afraid to fate terlunta are displaced, because he was convinced that God Almighty never mistreat his servants, only the servant itself persecute themselves.
With confidence is also a believer never felt let down Allah SWT, because whatever God gave him was good, both in the sight of God of course. Why? Because men are often deceived by his own, say, something considered good by him, not him bad end. Or is there something that is considered bad at first, it ultimately good and very profitable.
Usually when faced with a disaster, trials, tests or whatever his name is often prejudiced man to God, as if God is not fair to him, because of natural disasters or test. But in reality often occurs much calamity that brings wisdom, many tests it was a blessing, many trials it brings benefits.
Fourth, accept life as it is, not how he wants you. This is also what makes a human being a lot bersukur Him. Because humans have this kind prinsif not easily swayed by life, not easily swayed buffeted by the storms of life, do not give up easily knocked down by a variety of slap hitting him.
Because people who have this kind prinsif mejalani enjoy it in life, he was well aware that in this life there the Supreme Controller, He is Allah, so do not worry if there is the slightest thing happens sometime not wants, but it happens. Well to accept life as it is, does not make it like being chased by ghosts disiang hole, everything was terrified. Something that has not happened already feared such a way that his life was not happy, because the thought of how the lives of a year, two years, five years ten years and so on.
What happened? Like the saying goes “expect rain from the sky, water in crock discarded” then that arises is a less-less and less, do not accept what is. There is, not disukuri, that no, in anticipation.
Fifth, accept the other person as a person is, not how he wants you. This usually occurs da lam everyday life, where people are so much demand that others follow or understand him, while he did not care or did not want to understand what dimaui others. So someone else always gets in the blame, because the truth is his own.
With this fifth prinsif actually living with another person, whoever he is, ya wife, children, friends, superiors, subordinates and others to be a fun, if you use slang “baby something really” cool ya so. In the mix to be unencumbered anything, because all men are the same, no difference, either because of rank, position, wealth, position, etc., that distinguishes humans only taqwanya.
I deliberately did not take the verses, please just look at the Koran dealing with such devotion. What is clear is when people accept men as they are intelligent people, relationships will feel comfortable, friendly, fun and no intrigues that make socially become barren.
Sixth, abuse and insult others are drugs to self-correct. Indeed many people who can not stand the insults people, what else could it be swearing insults, verbal abuse in front of people or in public, let alone at an event attended by so many people, all of a sudden came the insult, shame not playing! That might be insulting laughing-laughing fun as a coincidence indeed humiliated subordinates level far below!
Actually, if there is such an insult, can disukuri by reading “Thank God”, how the heck disrepute Alhamduillah why? Loh is not as despised people directly reward a transfer from the insulting to the Dhina and otherwise humiliated sins transferred to the insult, cool is not it? Can rewards free.
Even if it’s true what insulted, yes still Alhamdulillah, meaning it can be input and used as a tool for self meperbaiki. Usually when people are often despised and patiently deal with it, the more sturdy souls, souls increasingly tough and not easily “offended” so when he received the repeated insults insistently though and come from all over, he remained calm, because it is immune! If you use the style now EGP wrote, Emanya I pikirin!
Seventh, the difficulty is not to be avoided, but faced it gracefully and still beg His direction. This is the life of man! There’s no life like a straight highway, smooth-smooth course, but do not forget the toll road could mecet, even at a standstill! So is life, there was only kesulitannnya here, and that is not only experienced by a two-person, everyone mengalminya, so the difficulties that you are not alone, just look at the people who live below the poverty line.
So it’s hard to live not only belong to one person, but most people have, once again the difficulties of life that you are not alone, thousands and even millions of people trapped in hardship and difficulty is not avoided, but encountered. Not after difficulty there is ease? Not a word read: “Verily after difficulty there is ease, indeed after hardship there is ease” (Al Insyiroh: 5-6)
With faith in God’s word, you will be brave to face all the difficulties of life, because life on earth is not heaven, try to read more about my article: “The world is not heaven and not hell” With the belief that the trouble will pass, there is no terms succumbed to his name any difficulty, wherever it is. “The storm definitely passed or all of this will pass” Then why bother dealing with life?
Moscow, March 24, 2013.

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