Energi Iman

Energi Iman:
1 1 By: Zuhri Syaripudin
This life is not as smooth highway, in every facet of life there are obstacles and hurdles, and was experienced by all humans, no human being in his life a smooth one hundred percent or a hundred percent continuous grief, no, because human life like a wave motion , there is no up and down, and it happen to anyone, whether they are studying, college, work and so forth.
There’s no turning back in learning and work. Nothing says desperate to learn something new. There was no word backwards to achieve progress. Keep moving and try as much as possible, progressive persist. Come on rise up!
How many people are mediocre at first, but because of high spirits and continue to try and reach what in berjuangan aspire, in the end he achieved success. Whatever they say, is not an obstacle to progress. Whatever people’s opinion, not a stumbling block that must be feared. Whatever scorn, insult people or may be “diminished” or “misunderstood” is not a scary ghost. Keep going and do not give up.
Sharp pebbles or thorns are strewn along the way if it was there before you is, do not back down! If I need to bleed and hurt, do not be afraid. Blood and the wound is acid salt of life. Let’s continue to rise and move forward.
Work, work and trying to go through life and life is the same everywhere, will find difficulty, obstacles, hurdles, test, trials tida unrelenting, the higher your work and your efforts, usually difficulties, obstacles, hurdles, exams, cobaannya also higher.
Like a tree growing tall, wind menghempasnya also be faster, not even a breeze, but it was a storm! When the roots are not sturdy and strong, then it will crashing storm tree, broken, fallen and falling apart.
The roots are strong and sturdy it is faith, faith will make a sturdy energy and strength of someone in the face numerous trials and tests of life. Faith is strong and sturdy like a rock in the middle of a fierce sea storm blows, he will stand, not shifted an inch! Strong roots is Faith. The tree is a science. Fruit is charity. Fertilizer is worship. Branches is a good deed.
Besides we are suffering, there are many more people who suffer more than us. So long-suffering that we see along the road of life, all the subject of a lesson for us who think, who take a lesson from every incident of life no matter how small.
We do not have anything. We too treasure does not belong to us, it is only deposited on the God who will someday be taken back, like it or not. One time whatever we have or whatever we loved going out of our hands, will be taken back by the owner, he is God Almighty.
People who do not have anything’ll never miss out on something, otherwise people who never feel they have crossed something will waste anything. All that could go away without us knowing it, however small disaster even sometimes unexpectedly, for example kegencet door, scratched HVS as photocopiers, needles, knives scratched while in the kitchen and so on.
Disaster in front matapun we too do not know, a thin haze in the glass eye has been able to obstruct your vision, how weak are you, O man, what do you want to brag about? When a thick fog blocking the view of the eye, the eye within the range of hundreds of meters only. That grief, nobody wanted anyway grief and wounds, but often happen unexpectedly.
Indeed, not all desires / desired human volition as desired. For us to give up something to get something or to get something we are missing something. Not every day is no grief, no one likes a daily basis, both alternated wherever we are.
Together let us return to Him, to Him we return business, we must be sure that whatever we do is the best option we choose, and whatever we received today, that’s the best to live our lives and thinks. Never regret every decision we make.
Let’s clean up our hearts each of prejudice, either to yourself or to others. Whatever we do, do not ever beg protection regardless of, not in spite of the instructions please-guidance.
God created you not to make you hard and never persecute him yourself! And if your life is difficult, it is not from Allah, but from yourself who do not want to try, which is easily discouraged, pessimistic menghapi this life and not fight in earnest. And ultimately fail in life in the past, for example.
Past betapun bitter and sweet will not be repeated! Everything is only a memory that is difficult to forget. Regret to an event painful to even cry out blood will not be able to change the situation. All that has happened is already a fact that remains attached to the memory.
Then what’s the point of self-destructive with continuous regretting all that? Say: All of these provisions are, like it or not, willingly atu forced, willingly or circumvent its provisions can not be changed! Which is better sincere or blessing or reneges on its resolve and regret everything, but the provision remains valid?
Say: Allah Decree no one can change it, if he had said, “Kun fayakun” Be, then so be it! Whatever you do in life there are risks, there are good and bad, right and wrong there, not perfect! Just how we react to it. Clearly there is nothing in this world that he created in vain. Let’s continue to rise up and fight, your future is entirely in your hands alone, and not on others.
Moscow, May 6, 2013.

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